50 Church Volunteers Have Joined our Ministries in Egypt

The number of our Volunteers have reached 50 volunteers. Our volunteers are the backbone of Coptic Cross Ministries. They provide a tremendous help in all Five programs run by the organization. Our largest ministry is the Monthly Food Assistance Program. For this program, our volunteers gather on monthly bases to receive a large quantity of food supplies from our vendors. Ones our vendors deliver the food supplies to the churches participating in our programs, our wonderful church volunteers fill up the food boxes for each family according to the number of people in the household and the level of need. Then, they deliver the boxes to each home and have the head of household sign an Acknowledgement of Food Receipt Document. A hug effort done by our church volunteers, just for one program. There is a lot that they do in the other Four programs as well. We thank God for them and thank them for their great love for God’s children.