Assistance for Copts in Need

Extending a Hand of Help to Coptic Families in Need

Home visits and case studies have revealed the suffering of so many Coptic families. For example, the organization has visited homes where children sleep on merely blankets directly on the floor because the family can’t afford a bed. The organization thus provides new beds, mattresses, pillows, and bed sheets.

Coptic Cross has seen widows and mothers wash their families’ clothes by hand because they can’t afford a washer. For large families and those who are sick or live with disabilities, the organization ends suffering by purchasing an automatic washer for each home that qualifies. For small and healthy families, the organization purchases regular/manual washers. Coptic Cross Ministries also makes sure the organization purchases a cover to protect the washer as well as provides one-year’s worth of detergent.

Coptic Cross has met with engaged ladies whose wedding ceremonies have been postponed multiple times due to financial reasons alone. The organization has purchased bedroom furniture and kitchen appliances for these critical situations.

In addition, Coptic Cross has liberated some families from their heavy burden of accrued debt by paying it off in full. Going as far as to meet with debtors and pay off any balances and record such transactions accordingly.

Coptic Cross has witnessed children wearing clothes that don’t fit. Coptic Cross then purchases new clothing. Doing so increases their self-esteem and the joy of life.

In many homes, the organization has seen mothers who burn wood to cook for the family, creating an unhealthy, dangerous, and unclean environment for the household. The organization resolved this problem by purchasing stainless steel stoves to save the children from getting asthma, prevent fires, and help families enjoy fully cooked meals.

Thank God and thank donors like you, Coptic Cross has extended its arms to help as many families as possible thus far. The organization still has thousands of families who need assistance.


$250 enables Coptic Cross to purchase appliances for a family in need.

$1500 enables Coptic Cross to purchase bedroom furniture for qualified Coptic ladies who are about to get married.

$3000 enables Coptic Cross to carry on most home repairs and rebuilding projects in homes that are in danger of collapsing.

Extend Your Hand of Help to a Coptic Family in Need

During case studies, we look at where children sleep, the necessary appliances the family has, and the condition of their house structure. We also look at whether the house needs repairs or total rebuilding.

Once a family is accepted into one or more of our programs, we purchase the items the family needs, whether furniture or appliances. Our volunteers deliver it to their home, install it, and train the family on how to use it and maintain it.

One example of this is what we had done for a widow who suffered from a chronic medical condition, which impacted both of her arms. She used to wash her clothes by hand because she couldn’t afford to fix her old-manual washer. Her medical condition made it very painful for her to wash her clothes by hand. We purchased a brand new automatic washer for her, a washer cover to protect the washer from dust and rust, and a one-year supply of detergent. This made her life much easier and less physically painful. We also installed it for her and gave her training on how to use the washer as well as maintain it.

Thank God, with your support, we have touched so many Coptic lives in desperate need. We still need to meet the needs of so many other families, especially in Upper Egypt.

How This Ministry Helps the Community


Families have received monthly food supplies


Copts with disabilities have received medical equipment and other necessities


Children have received Bibles and school supplies


Families have started their own small businesses


Families have received financial and other needed assistance