Bibles and School Supplies for Children

Support a Child Grow Spiritually and Academically

We strongly believe that each child deserves to grow spiritually and academically, and that this is as important as growing physically. Reading the Bible helps children know who God is. They discover facts about God’s character and His deep love for them and the world. Their knowledge of God helps them to trust Him and build a relationship with Him. Trusting God is the way for our children to live the life of obedience to Him.

In Poor Coptic Communities, in almost every house we enter to conduct a case study, we meet with precious children of all ages. For school-age children, we ask each child if he/she has a Bible and school supplies. In most cases the answer comes back, “no.”

Education is the first step to overcoming poverty. Having enough school supplies improves grades, creativity, attitudes towards learning, behavior, peer relationships and self-image. A single pack of pencils and paper could be the gateway to succeed academically and make it all the way to college.

Thank God, with your support, we have purchased and distributed Bibles and school supplies to 980 children of all ages so far. We give a special Bible for each age group and about 8 different kinds of school supplies.

$25 enables us to purchase a Bible and one-year school supplies for One child.
$100 enables us to purchase Bibles and School Supplies for One Family of 4 Children.

Support a Child Grow Spiritually and Academically

When visiting poor Coptic families in Egypt, we take along with us four different age-appropriate Bibles and eight different kinds of school supplies. We give each child a Bible that is appropriate to his/her age. Children also receive a sufficient quantity of school supplies, such as coloring tools, crayons, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rollers, small notebooks and large notebooks.

We consider this ministry to be one of the most important ministries we have because our children are naturally bright and inquisitive. Children by nature ask questions all the time. For instance, they ask, who is God? How does He exist? Does God really love us? Why did God create the world and us? Why is there evil in the world? What happens to us when we die? This is just to name a few!

Equipping our children and youth with the Bible helps them grow in the love and knowledge of Christ and allows them to find answers to any questions they may have

Thank God, with your support, so far, we made it possible for 980 children of all ages to receive Bibles and School Supplies to grow both spiritually and academically.

How This Ministry Helps the Community


Families Have Received Monthly Food Supplies


People with Disabilities Have Received Medical Equipment and More


Children Have Received Bibles and School Supplies


Families Have Started Their Own Small Business


Families Have Received Assistance