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Thank you for considering a career with Coptic Cross Ministries!

Coptic Cross Ministries is a Christian Charitable and Developmental Nonprofit Organization based in the state of Virginia, in the United States of America. We work hand in hand with the Coptic Church in Egypt to empower the Copts who live in poor living conditions in Egypt to break the cycle of poverty.

If you are known to be someone who treats others with love, kindness, and patience, if you like to walk the extra mile for others and give generously, we want you to join our team.

Please check our career page regularly, we post our career opportunities on this page as they become available.

Again, thank you for being interested in joining our team. We wish you the best!

Best Regards,

Coptic Cross Ministries Team

How This Ministry Helps the Community


Families Have Received Monthly Food Supplies


People with Disabilities Have Received Medical Equipment and More


Children Have Received Bibles and School Supplies


Families Have Started Their Own Small Business


Families Have Received Assistance