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Empower a Poor Coptic Family in Egypt!

You are here, reading this page, because you care. Thank you so much for that, we truly appreciate it. We need you! There are so many ways to make a positive difference in the poor Coptic communities in Egypt, especially in Upper Egypt. Some of the ways to get involved is by supporting a Coptic family in need for monthly food assistance. You can also volunteer your time and skills, spread the word about our mission, refer to us someone who is interested in joining our ministry, host a cocktail party and invite us so we can come and familiarize your family and friends with our ministries, donate your birthday gift on social media, join our field-visit trips to Egypt, and most importantly, pray for us!

Need to ask questions? Contact us . We’d love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you become a part of this ministry.

Our ministry model is that we join forces with the Coptic Church in serving the poor Coptic communities in Egypt. Teaming up with the church, we visit and conduct a full case study for each family. Breaking the poverty cycle is our ultimate goal for each family. Those in need receive monthly quality food assistance delivered to their homes. Children receive Bibles and school supplies to help them grow both spiritually and educationally. Those with disabilities or illnesses receive medical services, equipment, hygienic and housekeeping services. Qualified Coptic women and men start and grow their own small business. Those who are most in need, receive home repairs – in many cases home rebuilding, furniture, appliances, debt relief, and wedding assistance for ladies.


How This Ministry Helps the Community


Families have received monthly food supplies


Copts with disabilities have received medical equipment and other necessities


Children have received Bibles and school supplies


Families have started their own small businesses


Families have received financial and other needed assistance