Monthly Food Assistance for Copts in Need

Providing Monthly Food Assistance for Coptic Families in Need

As the organization conducts case studies for some of the most needy Coptic families in Egypt, especially in Upper Egypt, in almost every visit the organization makes, volunteers are reminded of the fact that poor and inadequate nutrition leaves children vulnerable to diseases and even potential for long-term stunted growth. With donor support and working hand-in-hand with the Coptic Church in Egypt, the organization is able to purchase and distribute food that is high in nutritional value. Volunteers deliver the food on a recurring monthly basis to the poor Coptic families enrolled in this program. Each family member receives a monthly quantity of food that is sufficient for the entire month. Each box includes: bread, meat, chicken, seafood, pasta, rice, grains, cooking oil, sauces, cereals, canned goods, dairy, cheese, and eggs.

$100 a month feeds a family of 4 people for the entire month.

$150 a month feeds a family of 6 people for the entire month.

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While visiting the poor Coptic communities in Egypt, the organization has seen first hand that almost in every home there are children with half-empty stomachs. It breaks the volunteers’ hearts to see numerous children who are obviously in poor health. These conditions are primarily because these families are not self-sufficient and can not provide enough nutritious food to feed the household.

Poverty is the number one cause of malnutrition in developing countries. In children, it causes poor brain development, low immunity, increased infections, anemia, anxiety, changes in mood, and other psychiatric symptoms. In adults, it causes a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Thank God, through the support of donors, the organization has enrolled 70 Coptic families, living in Upper Egypt, in the monthly food assistance program. These families now receive nutritious food that is delivered to their home every month by the program’s church volunteers. This program is unique because poor families receive their food supply on a monthly basis, and not only on special occasions.

How This Ministry Helps the Community


Families have received monthly food supplies


Copts with disabilities have received medical equipment and other necessities


Children have received Bibles and school supplies


Families have started their own small businesses


Families have received financial and other needed assistance