Our Ministries

We Build Coptic Lives to Overcome Poverty

Partnering with the Coptic Church in Egypt, we visit each Coptic family that seeks our support and conduct a thorough case study to determine eligibility for assistance and enroll the family in one or more of our programs. Once the family is accepted into our program(s), a church volunteer is assigned as a case manager for the family under the supervision of the church Priest or Minster. The Coptic churches we work with, report all ministry activities to our office in the USA. We have five programs to help improve the living conditions of the Coptic people in Egypt. The programs are:

How This Ministry Helps the Community


Families Have Received Monthly Food Supplies


People with Disabilities Have Received Medical Equipment and More


Children Have Received Bibles and School Supplies


Families Have Started Their Own Small Business


Families Have Received Assistance